A bird: intricate, mobile and hungry

This is a blog about movementappetite and detail. Taking its name and inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale of a princess who was kept awake by a pea hidden under her 17 mattresses, it began three years ago as my study of all things small and pressing.

I am still obsessed with detail: little things that matter, subtle voices, sights and sensations. These days, however, the ‘pea’ rolling under my mattress, keeping me awake and scribbling, is often restlessness or hunger. We’re coming and going, entering and leaving each others’ lives, migrating, travelling and learning new ways of using our bodies, on an unprecedented scale.  I’ve been exploring this movement phenomenon,  trying to understand how appetite for elsewhere and resistance to the unknown cohabit the same environments and bodies.

Whether exotic or pedestrian, each of my posts reflects a recent adventure or a burning question that’s kept me up at night.  I hope you’ll join me and find something to inspire you. Feel free to leave a comment or a like, below 😉


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