Pick of the pod

Here are links to some of my favourite vintage posts, alphabetised. These evergreen pieces are about the things that once kept me awake at night … and continue to do so. They’re as coy as Russian ladies about their age, and you’ll only find how old they are by clicking on them.

Accidents happen – A chain of accidents involving me and the people I know.

A Fox, A Fountain and The Shard – A vision for the beginning of 2016. Seriously out of date, but don’t throw out the baby with the festering bathwater…

Anywhere, Massachusetts – How we refashion new cities to suit our habits and lifestyles. Features a cool pineapple lamp.

Balance: Juggling Act or Tilt? – Exploring the nature of balance. Is it about fitting everything in, or a stretch towards one thing?

Honest women and their opposites – Inspired by the stories in Lisa Taddeo’s brilliant memoir Three Women, this post explores why some women choose to keep their love lives secret.

Living immortal in a mortal world – A post about, what else? Trying to cheat in the mortality game by pretending that I’m going to live forever.

Paris : Pairs–  About pairs and pairing in Paris. A girl about pre-Corona town post.

Resilience, or, the thirteenth fairy – In fairytales and real life, is resilience the greatest gift of all?

Teaching boys to write – A fun post on a time when I was teaching boys to write and learning to write boyishly myself.